While silently standing together on the mountains of Banff, Canada, being in awe of mama earth, their musical connectedness was born.

Our live set combines a diverse array of styles and therefore approaches to composition. We shift from predetermined elements to fully improvised sonic environments, informing each other from our respective disciplines to transcend the conventional boundaries of style. It is our intention to create an experience that is compelling in terms of narrative, musical intent, and moral grounding.


NOVA: A Contemporary Circus Show 

Aliya Ultan, Teddy Ment, Eleanor Getz

Nova is a narrative contemporary circus show incorporating aerials, dance, physical comedy, acrobatics, original music, and cinematography to convey the story of a young girl as she passes into the world of sleep. This intimate multimedia piece playfully investigates notions of childhood, companionship, metamorphosis, and loss. 


Matthew Frerck (bass, vocals) and Aliya Ultan (cello, vocals)

Formed in 2018, Frogstool is a creative improvising string duo consisting of cellist Aliya Ultan and contrabassist Matthew Frerck. Drawing from a combined vocabulary of contemporary classical music, avant-garde jazz, dance, poetry, and performance art, Frogstool’s improvisations incorporate a diverse pallet of idioms to cover a wide spectrum of the human experience. At the heart of Frogtsool’s music is both a sense of joyful play and sensitivity to more difficult emotions. Through encouraging both play and sensitivity, Frogstool hopes to encourage people to find their own way to process emotions and create community through music and other arts. Recently Frogstool has been best performing in small intimate venues  throughout the Northeast Ohio area and opened for the Brandon Seabrook Trio last Fall. While Frogstool might be in the tadpole stages, Matthew and Aliya envision Frogstool to grow into a project that will result in albums, tours, workshops, and collaborations with other artists.

Blood Knot

Aliya Ultan, Gabrielle Teddy Ment, Elizabeth Grooms

Searching for resonance, memory, and peace through childlike curiosity.

Malady of the Infinite: The Separation of Body & Psyche 

Aliya Ultan, Tyus Southern, Rebecca Wood

Malady of the Infinite: The Separation of Body and Psyche is a collaborative project that combines original poetry, music, and dance. This work is an investigation of our culture’s tendency of dismissing the relationship between body and psyche. Over the course of seven short scenes, we expose the danger of neglecting one or both of these modes of being. Each scene furthers the possibility for healing by deepening our understanding of this human disconnect.